Mission-Driven Culture

Uneven Resource Distribution

MedTech innovations and medical resources are not distributed evenly among all regions throughout the world.

Patient Orientation

Driven by our mission, we are committed to bringing innovative technologies into practical and widespread use to give better care and therefore better quality of life for global patients.

Removing Entry Barriers

Join us and become a meaningful part of the global healthcare community, and work with us to help remove entry barriers that separate advanced technologies from the patients in need.

Shared Global Stage

Singular Aspiration

Continuously discovering and developing innovative solutions then delivering them to global patients is a singular aspiration of MaxNova Medical team.

Diversity and Inclusion

MaxNova Medical embeds diversity and inclusion in our company culture, which creates an environment for our recruitment of the most qualified people from around the world to both incorporate them into our organization and learn from them.

Your Global Stage

We offer diversified chances for every single individual on our global operational stage, sharing the opportunities no matter what role you are in.

Our Stories

Our stories began in 1998 when we first entered healthcare industry in China. Since then, we have been deeply involved in MedTech product market and learnt from the evolving medical technologies. Here’s how we worked our way up to today’s MaxNova Medical.

Louice Wang - MaxNova Medical

“In 1998, as a local channel of Drager healthcare, we became part of the healthcare community for the first time. With the growth of the Chinese market in the past two decades, we have been getting increasingly knowledgeable in our focus areas by learning from the rapid-changing environment. That means a lot to MaxNova Medical today.”

Louis Wang, CEO, MaxNova Medical
Adam Yang

“We initially worked together for the medical device business in 2004. Since then, we have successfully worked as a channel partner of multinational companies such as Maquet, Pantex, Carestream, Siemens and Medistim. As a reward, the valuable industry knowledge we acquired from the experience has proved to be fundamental to MaxNova Medical.”

Adam Yang, Chairman, SL Medical
Robin He

"With the accumulation of resources, we were able to optimize our business scope after 2008. Looking back on those years, what we learned from our work in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular, minimally invasive and imaging is of particular significance to MaxNova Medical’s future."

Robin He, Director, Ruizhi Intelligence
Ping Zong

"Since 2014, we have been working together as partners for the operations of Televia in China. These operations involve a wide range of management decisions and activities in solution design, marketing, sales, engineering, and services. Now Televia has been well-established in China's hospital-intelligent-transportation market. Not surprisingly, these solid facts will help establish the competitive advantage of MaxNova Medical in the nationwide healthcare market.”

Ping Zhong, Chairman, Televia Technology
Young Zhang MaxNova

“With the confidence in our marketing and sales, we are capable to cover the most important 10,000 Chinese hospitals. As part of our Three-Step Solution of MaxNova Medical, we aim to become one of the most efficient sales forces in China for the medical technology market in the future years.”

Young Zhang, GM Marketing & Sales China, MaxNova Medical
Olga Yanovskaya MaxNova Team

“In 2019, we successfully launched our overseas business unit that was designed as a strategic function of MaxNova Medical in the future. With over 15 years of working experience with Medtronic in global sales and channel management, our seasoned leader has a proven track record in operations of the emerging markets.”

Olga Yanovskaya, President Global, MaxNova Medical
Fei Yu MaxNova Team

“We first worked together 20 years ago for the business collaboration in intensive-care and operation-room devices. From a China's regional market to the nationwide market, and further to the global emerging markets, the leaders of MaxNova Medical have never stopped their enthusiasm and perseverance in pursuing great goals in the field of healthcare."

Fei Yu, BU HEAD , Hospital Infrastructure Stryker China
John Ye MaxNova Team

“As a tier-3 hospital in China, we need innovative medical products and services from all over the world. It is really helpful to work with such a team like MaxNova Medical to provide innovative products and predictable services for the hospitals.”

Ye, Administrator of No.2 Hospital, Amoi, China
Alina Zhang MaxNova Team

“As a professional investment team, we decided to join MaxNova Medical because we are not only optimistic about the Chinese market, but also full of confidence in this team. The team has a singular aspiration to provide doctors with innovative medical products and improve the quality of life of patients."

Alina Zhang, M Square Capital Partners

Career Opportunities

Join MaxNova Medical to be part of the dynamic, diverse, and inclusive culture that is driven by our mission. Develop your unique value with us on the rewarding career journey to provide the life-saving technologies and products for the global patients.

Digital Marketing
Job Description:
Define the digital marketing goals. Create and deliver digital marketing strategies and plans to grow our brand influence in the market. Ensure that digital strategies and tactics are aligned with our company business objectives. Work in partnership with local marketing partners. Be broadly knowledgeable across all broad digital areas, with proficiency in media and digital space. Lead and deliver digital marketing practices and build up digital capabilities in the organization. Identify, track, and measure key KPIs.
  • 5 to 8 years of experience in digital marketing.
  • Deep understanding of digital ecosystem.
  • Be competent to achieve digital marketing goals. Understand and support business goals.
  • Big picture-mindset with ability to balance technical and strategic needs.
Information Technology
Job Description:
Build up or bring in information working systems. Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks. Responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests. Providing technical support across the company. Setting up accounts for new users. Repairing and replacing equipment as necessary, testing new technology, and training junior staff.
  • 5 years of experience in information technology.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Computing, or Engineering.
  • With ability to stick to strict deadlines and ability to prioritise and delegate.
  • Proven work ethic.
  • Project management skills.
Investment Analyst
Job Description:
Conduct industry research. Identify segment trends, insights, and prepare segment reports. Suggest investment ideas. Search and screen latest global MedTech information and suggest candidate projects. Conduct due diligence and analysis of candidate projects.
  • Master or PhD in either biology or medical field.
  • Research experience in healthcare is preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
Investment Directors
Job Description:
Perform searching, assessing, and partnering processes for MedTech projects acquisition. Build valuation and financial analysis models. Prepare analysis reports and recommendations for investment committee.  Projects management and performance improvement.
  • Master or PhD degree in BioMed, MedTech, or related fields.
  • 10 years or more of experience in biotech or medical technology industry are highly preferred.
  • Strong analytical and logical thinking.
  • Proficiency in English.
Job Description:
Work as part of the marketing team. Develop competitive marketing strategies and plans to guide the team actions to achieve our company goals. Build up the market insights by continuously communicating with doctors, medical professionals, hospital administration, and the patients. Contribute to the development of company strategies by internally sharing the data-driven customer and industry insights. Organize customer events, training events, and support of sales team.
  • 8 to 10 years of marketing experience in medical device industry.
  • Master’s degree in business or MedTech, or demonstrable capability and experience from MedTech field.
  • With academic knowledge of competitive-strategy identification and marketing management.
  • With full knowledge and experience in marketing survey, data-driven analysis, industry analysis, development of tactics in pricing, product, channel and promotions.
Job Description:
The role reports to the Chief Operation Officer. The purpose of the role is to plan, manage and optimize the day-to-day operational processes to maintain a high level of general running efficiency of the internal system and keep the system-running costs under control. Supply chain management, projects management and manufacturing outsourcing.
  • 5 to 8 years of professional experience in operational management in healthcare industry.
  • Bachelor or master’s degree, healthcare related degree preferred.
  • Proven leadership, management & project implementation management ability and expertise.
  • Risk-management experience.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of Project Management principles such as PMP and ability to demonstrate it in practice.
  • Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, leadership technique, and software production methods.
  • Coordination of people and resources and implementation of projects.
  • MedTech Certified Engineer or equivalent qualification will be highly regarded.
  • Be professional in group decision making process, management of personnel resources, and assessment of individual and organization performance to make improvements or take corrective action.
Regulatory Affairs
Job Description:
Ensures timely approvals for product lines on all product registration, including all preparation and documentation in the processes. Interacts with regulatory agency. Work together with regional teams to get through the process of reimbursement for each product. Maintain effective communication with the local health authorities for a best understanding of the latest regulations related to the product registration and reimbursement.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in regulatory affairs and reimbursement field.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Be professional in MedTech product registration field, with a full understanding of the regulation processes and capabilities to resolve problems.
Research & Development
Job Description:
The R&D Engineers work to develop new medical device products in compliance with applicable regulations, including NMPA regulations. Develop Products and corresponding processes which meet the customer requirements. Develop and execute test method validations. Liaise with Business Development and Physicians to understand and validate the specific market requirements in any given product segment. Partner with Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Operations to ensure that the transition of products through R&D, product approval and manufacturing scale up are smooth, timely and cost effective. Support post product commercialization. As part of the R&D team, contribute effectively to the broader technical and resource needs of the team.
  • Master or PhD degree in Engineering or Science, Biotech or MedTech related.
  • 10 years of experience within a Medical Device R&D environment.
  • Professional certification preferred.
  • Demonstrable detailed working knowledge of the medical device industry.
  • A good knowledge of product life cycles management, with analytical approach to decision making and problem solving. Continually learning and exploring new ideas. Creative and innovative mindset.
  • Good understanding and application of project management tools.
  • Effective knowledge of the regulatory environment in which the business operates.
  • Capacity to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality internally and externally.
Job Description:
Main goal is to develop and manage business channels, build positive working relationships with medical staff to reach or exceed sales targets and provide them the consultation, technical expertise, and professional support. Conduct presentations for doctors or health executives about our medical device offerings. Maintaining contract records, taking orders, surveying client preferences, collecting market data, and monitoring competitor activities.
  • 7 to 10 years of experience in healthcare sales.
  • Bachelor or master’s degree in health science, marketing, business, or life science disciplines.
  • Have exceptional interpersonal skills to establish positive, productive client relationships.
  • Being a good listener and communicator, having clinical knowledge to know exactly what you’re selling and its benefits in healthcare.
  • Have sales skills. Be confident, outgoing, persistent, and self-motivated.
  • Analytical skills preferred.